Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vent/Rant/Bitch Session....whatever you wanna call it.

I have a question today...Why is it that people are the way they are? I know, I know...that is an impossible question to answer, but I really want to know! How to people get to be the way they are. I understand that we are all raised in different homes with different values, morals and such, but what brings people to be such complete assholes? Can anyone answer this for me? Is anyone reading this TO answer this for me? No, I think not. So I will continue on in my hopes that somewhere, someone will be able to shed some light on my questions.

So onto my bitch session.

Why do people want to learn something, but when you try to teach them, by showing them how to correct a mistake, they take that as an attack? I am not trying to attack anyone. I just want to show you (again) how things are done correctly. If you don't want to be corrected, then don't screw it up in the first place! Ask someone how if you don't know. Don't just guess and hope that it will be the correct thing, because either:
A. someone else is going to have to fix it.
B. your going to get all pissy and bitchy if we have to approach you to fix it.
I could go on a real tangent, but I am trying to refrain from that.

So moving on....

Today I think I will go have a chat with my Dad and a walk/run on the beach.
A chat with my Dad.....I wish. I miss him so much. Unfortunately this chat will be a little one sided....Ok, completely one sided since my Dad was killed in a car accident almost 10 years ago. WOW....That seriously was a blow to me just typing it. 10 YEARS!! I cannot believe that he has been gone that long....

I better end this one here and recompose myself.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ok, so it was easy...all I had to do was open my eyes.

Cinco de mayo!

So today is the celebration of beer! Well that is my interpretation of Cinco de mayo anyways! Of course it can't be just any beer, it has to be a Mexican beer. And if possible you have to wear a BIG sombrero and maybe some beads! No wait, beads are another booze holiday :)

So when bloggin, are you supposed to blog daily?? Or just when you have something you feel someone, somewhere should read about?? Or is there even a "blog etiquette"? I have been trying to weed my way through others blogs, and I have come to find that blogging is just people like me, rambling. I am good with that!

So about my photography stuff....I have not figured out how to post pictures into my blog, but I am working on that today! So hopefully I will get a couple up.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Givin' this a shot!


At one time I would have thought for sure that "Blogging" would involve wooden shoes and some snappy dance moves! Soooo, I guess it's time for me to get with the program (and the rest of the world) and jump on the band wagon of blogging......

So as I was creating my account I began wondering..."what am I going to blog about???" I guess you really don't have to blog about anything in particular. So I will attempt to ramble on and hopefully entertain someone!

I did title my blog "Photo Dreams" for a reason I suppose. Photography has become my new favorite passion. Well that, quilting, running and so on and so on.... My husband says I become fanatical about something new that I take on. He very well may be right, but a woman has gotta have hobbies right?? Ok, so maybe I bite off a little more than I can chew sometimes, but I do tend to weed through my extracurricular activities pretty quickly. Photography however will NOT be one of those that I "weed through". I have always been the type of person that really enjoys doing a project and being very proud of my finished project in the end. Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT one of those crafty people that can whip up a project and have it look good. I wish I was! One of my best friends says I am a perfectionist. I suppose she is correct on some level, but I only see it when I am trying to be crafty! I want things to be perfect I suppose...who doesn't?? On the other hand I definitely realize that nothing in life is ever "perfect".

Ok, so I have rambled quite a bit and still have not really touched on my "blog". I have decided that this blog is going to primarily be about my photographs. Why not? Good way to get them out there in hopes of making some sort of a career out of them, right? I suppose I will rant from time to time, since again, life is not "perfect" and I tend to need a vent session from time to time (who doesn't, right?).

I hope whoever reads this enjoys what I have to say about my photographs, life and whatever I babble about. Thanks for taking the time to make it this far!