Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de mayo!

So today is the celebration of beer! Well that is my interpretation of Cinco de mayo anyways! Of course it can't be just any beer, it has to be a Mexican beer. And if possible you have to wear a BIG sombrero and maybe some beads! No wait, beads are another booze holiday :)

So when bloggin, are you supposed to blog daily?? Or just when you have something you feel someone, somewhere should read about?? Or is there even a "blog etiquette"? I have been trying to weed my way through others blogs, and I have come to find that blogging is just people like me, rambling. I am good with that!

So about my photography stuff....I have not figured out how to post pictures into my blog, but I am working on that today! So hopefully I will get a couple up.

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